The firm's objective is to obtain favorable results for our clients in every matter we handle. Listed below are a few samples of our results-oriented representation:

1.  Complex Litigation Action:
Lead trial counsel on behalf of large door, hardware and security subcontractor in a multi-million dollar, complex construction dispute. Negotiated favorable settlement, including attorney’s fees and costs, just a few weeks prior to trial.

2.  Trade Secrets Action:

Obtained preliminary injunction on behalf of a Silicon Valley technology company against former officer and employee preventing use and disclosure of business trade secrets.

3.  Right of Publicity Action:

Negotiated favorable settlement, prior to trial, on behalf of an individual in action against major motion picture studio for misappropriation of client’s identity in major motion picture.

4.  Personal Injury – Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Coverage: 

Negotiated policy limits settlement for clients who were rear-ended by an under-insured motorist. Captured full policy limits from the under-insured driver, then successfully negotiated policy limits settlement with client’s own auto insurance company.

5.  Trademark Infringement Defense:

Represented client who was accused of trademark infringement and successfully defended action until opposing party acquiesced to our client’s demand for a licensing agreement in which opposing party was granted a right to use our client’s registered trademark for a confidential fee.

6.  Breach of Construction Contract:

Successfully represented electrical subcontractor in a breach of contract and construction defect action. General contractor alleged that our client breached the contract by failing to perform in a workmanlike manner. General contractor was seeking damages in excess of $100,000, but we successfully obtained a stipulated judgment in favor of our client for six-figures after litigating the matter.

7.  Breach of Construction Contract/Corporate Veil Pierced:
Obtained high six-figure judgment against contractor who failed to pay our client for materials and supplies. Contractor attempted to move assets and played an illustrious "shell" game by moving money in-and-out of different companies. We were able to "pierce the corporate veil" and obtained judgment against the contractor's companies as well as him personally. Essentially, the debts were imputed to the contractor personally after it was shown that the contractor manipulated company assets and failed to adhere to corporate formalities.

8.  Enforcement of Trademark Rights:
Filed suit in Federal Court against large Fortune 100 company for infringement on our client’s federally registered trademark. After litigating the matter, the infringing party agreed to an undisclosed settlement and signed a licensing agreement for use of our client's Federally registered trademark.

9.  Personal Injury Action Against Public Entity:
Successfully represented plaintiff who was injured on public property when plaintiff accidentally fell into a fire pit that was not adequately maintained or repaired. Public entity eventually settled with plaintiff (settlement: confidential).

10.  Personal Injury – Slip and Fall:
Represented plaintiff who slipped and fell in a supermarket. Supermarket was negligent in that it allowed standing water to sit on the floor in the public aisles for “at least an hour”. Supermarket was deemed to have notice of standing water and breached its duty to the plaintiff by not drying the area and/or posting warning signs. Plaintiff was awarded a confidential settlement.

11.  Personal Injury – Against Restaurant:
Plaintiff was injured when she fell off a porch swing in a restaurant. It was discovered that the swing was not adequately maintained because it was missing an adhesive that would prevent slippage. Plaintiff fell off the swing and was knocked unconscious by the swing when it swung back and hit her. She suffered significant head injuries and had to undergo multiple surgeries. The matter was settled confidentially.

12.  Personal Injury – Restaurant:
Plaintiff was injured when coffee shop attendant spilled hot coffee on her. The coffee attendant handed plaintiff’s coffee to her without adequately securing the lid. When the attendant reached to give plaintiff the coffee, she reached too far tipping the cup and spilling coffee down plaintiff’s front. Settlement was confidential.

13.  Personal Injury – Auto Accident:

Negotiated multiple settlements for clients who were involved in auto accidents. Most personal injury actions settle for multiple times medical expenses in an effort to compensate victims for their pain and suffering and inconvenience. Most recent settlement involved a matter in which the insurance company originally denied payments to an elderly woman who tried to settle the case on her own. Once we got involved, we successfully negotiated a settlement equal to more than six (6) times her medical bills.